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My System Config is Intel Dual Core E5300 @ 2.60Ghz, 1.00GB Ram, Windows 7 Professional, 32 Bit OS. Motherboard consists of 4 Memory Slots. I am about to install another 2Gb Ram. Will that be compatible. Is it good enough. Please give me your views.


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It all depends whether it's compatible on the current 1GB stick. Do they have the same timings and voltage requirements. Grab a cpu-z from the memory and spd tabs. Will also need the model and make of the new memory and can have a look at it for you.


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on my past experiences and safest knowledge i always buy RAM from the same packet.. i never buy ram with 2 differnet brands as this COULD lead to issues with the stability

My personal opinion is, if u want 8gb or RAM , get ram within the same packet. i.e3 2x 4gb RAM sticks, same brand , less chance of issues.

not all motherboard manufacturers can check compatability with RAM, just because the type of ram you are buying or bought isnt mentioned on the compatability list doesnt mean it wont work.... more than likly it will.

1gb for windows 7 i think is MINIMUM requirement ,so any less and w7 wouldnt allow installation (trust me , some one wanted windows 7 with 256mb of RAM and even the PC said LOL,)

id put in say 4gb in BUT it depends what you use it for, no point in having 8gb of RAM to browse the internet and have no programs. think of it this way

If you was cooking a meal for yourself only would you have a portion size for 6?.... not really.... and vise versa. if you were cooking Tea for 6 people would you cook the portion size for 1?

the moral of my Tea time story is , dont spend on RAM for simple task but make sure you have enough for heavier tasks....

Thank You for your support. I will provide you the details soon. As I work in a Bank, it will take sometime to know the details.

2GB of RAM in Windows 7 is adequate, but if I am understanding correctly, you wish to add 2GB of RAM for a total of 3GB and this too is adequate. In my laptop, I have 4GB of RAM, Windows 7 Home Premium, and a Intel Core i3 processor. I use up about 2GB on my system when it is active, and running all my programs (multiple ones of course.) In my case Windows 7 is great when it comes to utilizing RAM efficiently.

Basically, restating what kaos said. The 3GB of RAM is great if you do casual browsing of the internet and such.

(Keep in mind that if you want more than 4GB of RAM, you will need to upgrade to a 64bit OS.)

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You can have Umpteen Gigabytes of ram installed and any 32 bit OS can only see about 3 gig's of it.
So yes, if you can add just 2 gig's more, that would give you all that your OS can address.

But so few people are really RAM Experts, I advise going to the people who are.
You can just go to "www(dot)Crucial(dot)com and download and run their ram scanner.
It will scan you computer motherboard, to see what you have now and what you could add,
then it will take you back to the website, where they will display your current configuration
and recommend an upgrade for you. You will have several options presented to you, and if
you want to order your upgrade ram right there, you can, using your Credit Card.
They will mail your new ram right to your house.

I use them all the time for ram upgrades for my PC customers.
Crucial uses only the very TOP Quality ram (Micron) and it's fully guaranteed.

One gig of ram is barely enough (not really) for Windows XP, for Windows 7, not so much.
It WILL run, but very poorly.

Good Luck to you,

Thanks OldTimer, Techgoudy, kaos, nmsuk for your replies and your feedback. Finally, I have installed 2Gb Ram, that is total of 3Gb Ram in my machine and I really cant find the difference in the speed and performance as compared to when I had 1Gb Ram. Any idea why is that.

You really have to load the heck out of your ram with many programs open at the same time, to actually use all of your ram.

Just the normal everyday, email, surfing, etc., won't do it.

It can also be because your computer is so loaded down with junk, that adding ram makes very little effect. Eh?

Adding RAM, is only one item out of a dozen or more things to do to really get a PC up and running GREAT.

I can double the efficiency of almost ANY PC by tweaking and tuning it and doing a massive cleanup, without ever adding any ram.

If you're a heavy Gamer, you will probably see some difference, after adding that ram.

Good Luck,
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Hmm.....Thanks for the knowledge mate but like i said, its my workplace and here I cant play games :p, however I am aware of Msconfig and Services and always have minimal applications turned on however I dont shutdown my system for around 3 days so does that effect my performance?


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Simple answer to that is NO :)

NO for some people, YES for others.

Unless you're running an OS designed for Servers, there are things that Windows needs to do that it can only do during a complete shutdown.

I encourage all my home computer customers to shut down their PC's every night. That allows the OS to copy the registry back to the HD, saving any changes of any kind that may have been done during the day.
Also, I program Windows to make a new System Restore Point and run my Cleanup batch file, on every Boot, to clean all the crud out of the HD that may have been accumulated the day before. If the PC is not re-booted, then those maintenance type things don't get done.
Also, home computers are made from the cheapest possible 'Hobby Grade' components and were never designed for 100% duty cycle.

But suit yourself. After all it's not MY computer.
When I'm not here, using my PC, it's shut down and all AC power is removed from it, through a power strip.

Cheers Mate!

Thanks for your replies guys.....I got to learn a lot from you.......Looking for a long lasting relationship

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