Upgrade to Windows 10 Home failed

It is 2nd of August and I have received no notification of getting my upgrade. However, I checked my update history and saw this

Does this have anything to do with me not receiving a notification? the update keeps failing. Is this normal or is there a problem with me upgrading to windows 10? I'm running windows 7

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All the failed attempts get the error code 80240020. I have looked up a solution for this. I follow the solution, delete files in the windows/software distribution/downloads folder and type wuauclt.exe /updatenow in the command prompt and it begins downloading. However it always fails some point along the line with another error code 80072EE2. Please help!


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Finally got it to download but now I get this
I restart my computer and nothing happens, it just boots up like normal and this message is still there saying restart now


Windows 10 ISO use this link and you can do an upgrade

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Make/Model of your computer with the Win7 you are attempting to upgrade, and built-date/purchase date if possible. There are several known issues with Win10 upgrades on older hardware.

Did you computer come with Win7 pre-loaded? Or did you upgrade it from something earlier such as XP or Vista?


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