Upgraded to Windows 10 now monitor turn off

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Upgrade and Installation' started by Stephen rushton, Feb 3, 2016.

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    Feb 3, 2016
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    Had Windows 7 ultimate just upgraded to Windows 10. Install seemed to go ok. However after 15ish minutes the monitor power down saying no signal. Computer stays running. Only way to get it back on is to turn the tower off and on again, then 15 mins later same again. Spoke to Microsoft lad tied to sort it but after nearly 2 hours said go back to Windows 7, leave it a week and try installing again.
    Anyone else herd about this or had this happend to them?
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    No, but can you boot into safe mode? In safe mode a different low end, always working, display driver is used. If your computer survives in save mode we can look into that direction.
    Safe mode boot see: How to Get to Safe Mode in Windows 10

    Could you tell us the specification of your computer?

    Did that MS lad tell you more? It sounds like he found something.
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