Upgrading from RC to RTM

I know that you cannot upgrade from the RC to the RTM and you have to do a clean install (unless you edit the .iso) and I am willing to do a clean install and reinstall all of my programs. My question is that since Microsoft is releasing both upgrade (Buy, download Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade from Microsoft Store) and full versions (Buy, download Windows 7 Home Premium Full from Microsoft Store) and the upgrade version is significantly cheaper can I buy the upgrade version to convert from the windows 7 RC to the Windows 7 home premium RTM version? The Microsoft website does not clearly state one way or the other. I am hoping that someone on this forum will have the answer.

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I'm a little confused here.. If I understand correctly your going to buy a Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade once released on October 22nd? (Note this is NOT the RTM, though identical in features and what not, they are still two seperate releases).. ;) The RTM won't be available to the general public like the Beta and RC were..

But yes, if you buy the Win 7 HP Upgrade, you can then do a clean install with it.. (which will of course erase the RC from your HDD) You CAN'T, however, 'upgrade' from the RC to the Final Version.. Unfortunately it just doesn't work that way...

Please correct me if I misunderstood your question.. ;)

Hey Raden, I have a question for you that I hope you can answer. If the final is identical to the RTM, does that essentially mean that RTM = final with the only difference being the release? So if I were to install the RTM before the October release, will it work just the same as the final version? Will I be able to get system updates and all that? If I install the RTM would there be any reason that I would need or want to install this final? I just don't want to have to do two clean installs so I would just wait until October if I had to (but of course I don't want to :p).


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