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hi please can u tell me, i have vista but it came pre installed on my pc. i want to upgrade to windows 7 but im worried that when it expires i may not be able to use the inbuilt settings to restore my computer back to when i first got it with vista. please can you tell me if upgrading is the best option or not if i do not physically have a vista reinstallation disk.
i know i definatly have the option to reset my computer to manufacturer settings with vista but i just dont know if upgrading to 7 will delete it.
What version of Windows VISTA do you currently have? If it is Business or Ultimate i would recommend using the built in image system to backup VISTA before upgrading. This way if anything else goes wrong it will take 15 minutes to restore everything. Also if you do upgrade i would recommend doing a clean install rather than an upgrade as many people are having problems with the upgrade function.
hi, i have vista premium, if i was to do a clean install would that totally erase the vista setup files that came inbuilt with the pc? sorry if i sound so confusing. i just really wana test windows 7. thanks for ur help.
Been there and done that with Win7 BETA. Because I had the time, I did a total Recovery as I made a stupid mistake of downloading Win7 over the top of Vista Premium.
Wait till it comes out and stay in touch with this forum as you will learn more here than you will with your trial version of Win7 Beta.
from what i can gather alls i have to do is shrink my vista partition to create a new space an then install windows 7 in the new partition, an then my vista 0s shud be safe providing ive made a full backup and created a recovery disk?
Do u think its alot harder than that? what went wrong for you??
My install wouldn't launch so I looked in a zip file named setup.exe. Fatal mistake as it ran over the top and became my only OS. I should have known better but was curious like everyone else. I am back in Vista Premium now and will check this forum site for info and wait till Win7 goes live and after it is out in the market I will think about the cost and how it is performing.
so when u clicked setup it just installed without asking you to confirm anything or select wether to upgrade or do a clean install? did u partition ur drive?
Where I went it didn't ask me anything. It just installed as if I had given them permission to do a clean install or upgrade. No I didn't partion my drive I thought I could view it without doing any kind of install/upgrade. This was done on 01/10/09 so I did have some fun with it and liked what I saw and will wait for it to come out.
I am running on a pc that has vista pre installed.Sadly,something went wrong during my upgrade and my window vista is gone."Missing operating system" screen pops up. Hence,I deleted everything and clean install window7.Love it,much better than Vista
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