Windows 7 UPNP on or off?


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I was reading today HowTo Geek and came across an article about UPNP and how dangerous it was to leave it running due to security holes that can be exploited. Just offhand I decided to disable it in my router to see if there was any problems. Well, I was unable to connect to the internet. Now that said, I do use a program called "OpenDNS" in which you do change some settings in your router and your IPv4 prperties settings. Could that have been why I couldn't connect to the internet after disabling the setting? I thought UPNP was basically a non factor for the most part when it came to just connecting normally to the internet. I do use Utorrent which has settings for UPNP, but I forward one port manually so as to not have to randomize the ports every time I use Utorrent. Should being unable to connect after disabling UPNP have happened? Should I disable the setting in my router? There are also 2 services that are UPNP related. Wouldn't it have been easier to do it that way, disabling the services instead of the router? Will it affect my internet connection with or without OpenDNS and how important is using that program if you know? OpenDNS I mean? I know this post goes all over the place, but if you have questions please ask if you can be helpful.