While installing windows 8 i ran into an error. It said that this disk is mbr and is needed to be converted to gpt. So I tried formatting it and it said

We couldn't create a new partition [error:0xc983c160] <- googled it and no results at all.

I went to cmd and tried to convert mbr to gpt manually.

Gave me: Virtual drive error:This specific drive cannot be converted. Example: dvds and cds cannot be converted
It is not a virtual machine,it is the real hdd.
Solve the virtual drive problem and im sure i can take it from there on out.
now i have no other option, is there any other way to format the harddrive to its original factory defualts?

I do not have a recovery disk. :computer: :computer:

Joe S

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Go down to the Windows 8 forum you'll have to create another account there you'll probably get more help there.

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