[URGENT, JAVA?] Keyboard + mouse not recognized as devices half way through playing Minecraft?

Please help!
When playing Java games, (or I assume it's Java because Minecraft is the only Java game I play and the only new process is java.exe,) the mouse and keyboard will turn off with no warning but a "bee-doo". This is very annoying, because this means I need to manually restart my computer every time.I've played Minecraft for a very long time now, and don't understand why this issue is just now occurring.

Windows 7 64-bit Home Edition
HP Computer form 2010 (I know, not helpful)
Mouse: HP NP10U
Keyboard: HP535U
Java: Version 7 Update 3 (build 1.7.0_03-b05)
Minecraft: 1.2.5, separate launcher.

Please help,

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