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    i have windows 8, (haven't updated to 8.1/8.2) and one day, i turn my computer on, and it says failed to login, so i tried again, and logged in. Everything looked fine, then the screen turned black and text appeared saying: Hi, getting your PC ready, this will take only a few minutes. It then told me how to move my mouse into any corner of the screen like a tutorial. i just waited thinking it would take me into the computer fine, but it took me to the start screen with a different backround, the start screen was blank, and only the word start, was in the top right corner. I can't do anything. i tried resetting it multiple times, and the same thing kept repeating. I have a feeling it was caused by a virus, but i'm not 100% sure. I think my computer is on its last legs. Can someone help with fixing this? Thanks for all help needed.
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    This doesn't sound like any Windows update that I've seen, so it may well be some kind of malware.
    This is why everyone should gave a system image.

    If this a laptop?

    Does it have a recovery partition?

    You may have to reset it to factory specs.
    But don't do it until we see if someone else has a better option.

    If you do, have to reset it to it's original condition, create a Ubuntu disk and boot your computer to it, this will let you copy all of your important data off of the drive before restoring it.

    Take your time and be sure that you get everything.


    When you get it running again use something like EaseUS TODO Backup to make a system image.


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