USB connected MiFi 500 drivers won’t install

I am trying to setup my MiFi 500 on my Windows 7 - 64 bit professional desktop. I have a cradle amplifier and a 12 inch antenna outside and use USB tethering. The MiFi 500 shows a 6 bar signal. It showed activating and updating, but the home page won’t open. Also the drivers tried to install but did’nt work. When trying to install the MiFi 500 drivers again, a box comes up saying “USB device not recognized”

I could’nt find the drivers in device manager or regular programs, but they were in “Program Files (x86). I used “unlocker” to delete the Novatel Wireless files. When turning on the device again to install the drivers, there is no error message, nothing.

How do I get the drivers to install?


According to the user guide your device needs to have wifi capability first. Does your desktop have a wifi adapter?

To use Wi-Fi mode, your computer needs Wi-Fi capability. To access the Web User Interface, you will also need Internet browser software. If your computer does not have Wi-Fi capability you can use Ethernet over USB tethering.

Ref: 500 Basics|_____1

Yes, as I said I have a desktop and I am in a rural area. My desktop is not WiFi capable so I am using USB tethering. I have used devices like this before and the drivers install and they work great. There must be a problem with the drivers.

My guess would be the compatibility with the driver and OS. Does you usb wifi adapter say it's compatible with your OS. Is there anything on the Sprint support site that may help. You may have to contact Sprint support and see if they can help.

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