USB pendrive unit letter reservation

Please help with this question. I have a PC with Windows 7. I have 4 hard drives, 2 DVD units and 4 hard disk of other computers that mount as driver letter on boot. So in total I have 10 drive letters occupied. I had a few different pendrives that take other unit letters when connected. I have one of them which I have scripts and programs that need that pen-drive always has L: assigned to; but from time to time it is not and is assigned other letter, so I must go to control pannel, administrative tools, pc administration, disk administration, and there select the unit and change the unit letter to L:. This is very annoyed when I have to do it, so my question is simple: Is there any way to say Windows to reserve L: unit letter to only that pen-drive, and not use it for other devices when my special pendrive is not connected?. I want that letter only for when I connect that pen.
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Not sure you can do that, but I would make sure to use a letter a little down the alphabet to make sure some other device was not trying to use it. I would then use Disk Management to assign it a letter, like V: and see if that will stick. It would mean always plugging it into the same port.

If you check the registry in the following key, you may see the drive letter listed and associated with the drive.


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