USB ports not working in Windows


Dear All,
I have been using windows xp for a long time, recently I am trying to install windows xp but usb ports stop working in windows. In bios all the usb ports are working fine but as soon as windows starts all the usb ports stop working. I have used almost all the solutions that I have found on the internet but still no luck.

Could you please help me out how can I fix this problem. In device manager it is showing that all the USB ports are working correctly and drivers are up to date.

I hope any of you help me to solve this problem.

Thank you in advance.

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Sometimes unplug-plug-unplug-plug... going dozens of times, with different ports, helps. USB is a problem, has been since v.1 to v.2 to v.3. It still isn't stable. Clearing CMOS may help, as putting BIOS to default. But it's very much Trial and Error.

Perseverance, friend.


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You can easily test the USB ports using Linux; such as Ubuntu LiveCD on disc or flash drive. This completely eliminates both Windows and your hard drive *which is very likely to have failed on an XP computer; could you please provide Make/Model of your XP computer for us?*.

I use this all the time, and if Ubunu LiveCD works with your USB ports, then it's either a faulty hard drive or a corrupted Windows installation. Either are quite easy to fix. You can download the SEATOOLS drive test program from for free. Run BOTH short and long tests. If SEATOOLS returns any errors, then your hard drive has failed and must be replaced. Install a fresh copy of XP on the replaced drive and your USB port functionality should come back!:up:

Here's the link to get the free Ubuntu LiveCD:

Post back if you have any further questions, and oh yes, the Make/Model of your XP computer--don't forget!

Good luck,


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Briefly, if you are still using XP, you need to get upwards. XP has no support anymore, and it's a hazard. In private use with no Internet connection it is, of course, ok.