use of w8 key on w7


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have a dual boot dell vostro 1500 8.1/old 7 lap, upgraded from vista to 8 to 8.1.

has always been flaky on 8. numerous fails/crashes for various reasons. i no longer use w7 partition as i moved 7 key to another pc and am reluctant to do a fresh install of 7 (painful update process).

can i simply use my w8 key on the old w7 partition?,
i will not continue to use 8.1 on this lap.


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First create a rescue disk using windows 8. Boot into windows 8, control panel, admin tools, computer management click Storage and then Disk management. You should be able to remove win 7 and partition too. If after removing you find Windows fails to boot up properly then boot off the Rescue disk and do a repair.


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hi kemical, have w8/w8.1 dvds.

when w81 works its "great". but have to use above media to address repair,restore,reset issues (often will little success), hence why i intend to go back to 7 on this device.

have w81 on other kit with no such problems.

generally have had no problems with keys on the many windows pc i have owned (mostly oem). i purchased w8 upgrade keys because they were "cheap" and w8 improved performance on my low spec pcs. the dell vostro lap has always struggled with w8, despite beta versions running ok.

i could just try the w8 key on my old w7 but wondered if anyone else has tried using a w8 key on a w7 setup.

i do not have a problem (usually) starting w81 and with easybcd expect the w7(old) to load ok.

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