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I wrote this post once but it did not appear so I will try again.
When I put a folder in my admin acct it also appears in the guest acct which is dangerous. I need both acct's but how can I put is only in admin. When I delete it from the guest acct is disappears from the admin acct too!
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If you have folders that you don't want visible to other users or hackers there is a program called Magic Folders that will make the folders invisible and password protected.

It works well, it's like the folders don't even exist.

I've used it for at least 10 years, for my Credit Card data, financial and bank records, personal records etc.

PC Magic Software - Product Descriptions including Magic Folders to hide folders and hide files

As far as doing it in Windows I don't have any idea other then putting them on the desktop.
Pretty sure only the current users folders show on the desktop.



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Thank you all for your help. My goal is to return to normal functionality.

May I ask, my laptop which is very much like my desktop; i5,Win 7 x64, functions as the desktop used to. That is, when the folder of data is installed in the password protected admin acct it stays there. When I click on guest there is no password but the folder does not appear there either.
As I am not a tech I do not know if this has to do with Word or Office admin privigeses or Win 7 privileges.
I don't know how to have the folder exist in just the password protected admin and not in the guest which it stared doing recently. I do not recall when or what has occured.
I even performed an Acronis recovery to no avail.
A little worried to say the least.


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Yes, the admin is password protected not the guest.

I'd like to go back to the original question. If I understand you correctly you would like certain folders only visible to Admin account.
First under c:\ is the Users folder. There is a sub-folder for each user and one called Public. Anything in Public is visible to all users on the PC. But while logged in as a user you can see both (e.g. c:\users\public\desktop\folderA & c:\users\guest\desktop\folderB) but if you are logged on as guest you should not be able to access c:\users\admin\desktop\folderC. FolderC should only show up for the administrators. Make sure your guest is not an administrator and make sure the folder your trying to hide is not under Public. Note: If your are browsing the Public some of the folders are hidden. Once a folder is under the users own folder it should be locked down to all but administrators. You can also check the security on the folder and see who has permission to it.
Hope this helps
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The functional pc's path is Lap\users\us\documents\notes
and the non functional one is desk\users\public\documets\notes

How do I change the path so public is changed to us?

Personally, I would not use the full path unless I needed to share more. If you only want to share notes then find the notes folder from Windows Explorer. right click and go to properties. Click on the Sharing Tab at the top. Click on Advanced Sharing. It will start with a name that is the same as the folder. E.G. notes change this to notes$ if you want the share to be hidden.

Click on Permissions.
Highlight the Everyone and Remove
Click Add and add the local user
Gave the user Change permissions
Then from the other pc you can go to the run command and type "\\DeskName\notes$ or \\\notes$ The second uses the IP Address of the other PC. Because most small networks don't have a good local DNS server you may have to use the IP Address.
If you want the connection to remain then map a drive to the path instead of typing it into run.


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The main question was,"How do I get the desktop to behave like the laptop so that I could create a folder in the admin acct but it would not appear in the guest account.

In the desktop, the folder seems to exist in both accounts and II have changed public to 'us'.

I am trying to follow the last post but I am not techy and it is very hard. I found permissions somewhere but 'everyone' was not in it.

Could you please give me simpler directions?


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Changing the path has corrected the problem.
May I thank you all for your advice. I shall keep it in my box to study. Thank you all very, very much.

Short answer : you need to move the folder.
Go to C:\Users\Public\Documents and right click on Notes and select Cut.
Then go to C:\Users\us\Documents and click Paste
This assumes the name of the administrator account is "us"


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Please see my thank you as the path being changed has corrected the problem. All of your notes are in my box to study. Thank you again

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