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I am having problems with a Windows 7 64bit user profile. The computer will not login into windows at all. When I login it sits for awhile and then just goes back to the login prompt. There is only one account on the computer and its an administrator so I can't use the administrator account to go into and create a new user to log into with. When I use the System recovery I open a dos prompt and when I do a net user it does not show the user account. So I try to add a new one from the dos prompt and reboot it does not show it. I have even went into the config direcotory and tried copying over old SYSTEM SOFTWARE SAM DEFUALT files with no luck, heck I can't even find the c:\windows\repair directory? Shouldn't that be there? I would rather not blow this thing away if possible. Any ideas?


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usually there is a hidden admin account ...try this

boot pc in safe mode ( hold F8)

select safe mode with command promt

when the box comes up type

net user administrator /active:yes

it should say , succesful


try and login with the main administrator account that has just appeared

create a normal account with admin privledges incase things go pear shape

also try and reset the password on the account if u have one,
if not you will have to copy the files over through c: and then maybe create a new account

It does not go to a command prompt just normal safe mode even though I told it safe mode command prompt.


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have u tried loggin in safemode?

Yes same thing, comes right back to a login after about 5 minutes of trying to load.


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you said in the first post you got command promt up ?

well if you get that up then run the net user administrator /active:yes command

Yes through Windows recovery option. I did that command and it still will not show the administrator. I went back into the command prompt thought recovery and just did a net user and did not see the user account that I am having problems with I did however see the Administrator account. I don't think it is looking at my Windows accounts but maybe the recovery cd accounts? I don't know.


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system restore then i guess

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