User Profile Showing Different Size than Actual!


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After going to my C drive's User Folder, if I right Click on it and see the 'Properties', it shows 25.6 GB of Total Size.
Then after going into the 'User' folder, I have three Profiles. One of them shows it's size at properties- 25.5 GB.
Then after going into that Profile, I checked all the Files there and when Selected all of them and checked their Size, it's showing 2.28 GB Only!
I checked the other Profiles and they almost contain nothing.
Even if I put the cursor on the 'User' folder, it shows 2.34 GB but if I check from it's properties then it shows that 25.6 GB.
Not understanding how's this happening.
Please Help.


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It's probably because you have "Don't show hidden files, folders, or drives" chosen in Control Panel/Folder Options. In View, change it to "Show...", then click Apply, to check it out.

It is safer to have hidden and program files not showing, as it prevents accidental deletes. Sort of, protect yourself from yourself. And there's no real reason to see them.

Nothing dangerous, I think. I do marvel the size of your User Folder, though - mine is 3.62Gb. But then, I'm a modest man. :cool:

You could do well with a clean up, CCleaner or Advanced System Care, If you haven't used them earlier, default settings is a good choice.

Best of all.

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