User Profile Service failed the log on >>>>> New user account not found in registry


For some reason, I recieved the message of "User Profile Service failed the logon" after trying to log onto my account. Now my computer has both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, and whenever I tried to log into both accounts, I got that error.

So I then made new account on both operating systems, but no matter how many times I did this, i still got this message. Ive scoured the web for solutions, such as /en-us/kb/947215 from the website, trying to delete the .bak from the account name in the registry, but none of the accounts which i created even appeared in the registry.

I cant even delete the incorrect SID as the account isnt included in user accounts. Also, I figured that C\Users\Default might have something to do with it, can someone please tell me how to access this.

And I really don't want to do a hard reset/restore.

Please help


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I had to deal with this on a friends computer only a few months ago.
In this case it was Windows 7 but I think the same thing will work, here's a link to my post asking the same question.

This took only a few minutes and worked perfectly.


As a new member on zero posts, I couldnt include a full version of the link to the webpage I was talking about.

/en-us/kb/947215 includes the exact same information that you just posted Mike. But thanks.

Any other suggestions?


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Try logging in through this way if you can.

How to Enable the Administrator Account

Open the command prompt with elevated privileges by clicking the Start orb, All Programs, Accessories, right-click Command Prompt and then select Run as administrator.

I'm not totally sure how you would do this if you can't log in but you should be able to get to the prompt during the start up process.


net user administrator /active:yes

and then press Enter.

Log out and log back in as Administrator.

When you are done undue the process by doing the same thing and pasting in

net user administrator /active:no

Maybe if you can get into the master Admin Account it will let you create a secondary account.


I tried that and got "system error 5 has occured"

On both of my operating systems, there is access to the main administrator account, but I still cant create my new account from there. So the master admin account cannot also create a secondary account.

Thanks for your help though Mike, I'm going to have to do a hard reset arent I?


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I'm afraid that I'm out of ideas, what's weird is that this happens on both versions of Windows.
Normally you would expect to see this as an error in the Windows configuration, but this seems more like it has something to do with the boot setup.

One last thing you could try is to, download and install easyBCD.
It will let you easily manage boot setup for multiple operating systems or repair the boot files, even create a new boot setup.

I'm not exactly sure what you need to do once you get into it, but I've used it to change boot order, etc.
But it is supposed to be able to repair boot problems.

I always have it installed on my computer, it's small, easy to use and it's free.


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