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    I have tried: support microsoft /kb/947215/eng <- Can't post a website link :/
    But my SID key is the same key as the key of the temporary account ending in 1001
    The only diffrence is that my SID code is 1001.bak
    Also, there is a 1001, 1001.bak, 1003, 1004 and a 1005 SID key.
    1003 to 1005 are keys form other users.
    But is my key supposed to be 1002 instead of 1001.bak?
    Maybe this causes the problem, please help me.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.
    Method 1 as described here has worked for me in the past to resolve the issue you are describing.
    It is not without some peril as editing the Windows Registry can sometimes result in unexpected consequences so be sure to read it carefully.
    Normally I recommend using the hidden Administrator's account when making these changes.
    Open a command prompt as administrator (right click cmd.exe and choose run as administrator) and type
    hit enter
    restart or log off and then on as that administrator
    when you're done and everything is back to normal and you no longer need the hidden administrator's account, restart or log off and then back on with your account (which should be a member of the administrator's group, open another administrative command prompt and type
    Good luck and keep us posted.

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