Username and Password recovery

I have an eee pc small laptop which I bought few days ago.

Today I deleted the log in name for the Administrator and now windows 7 asks for username and password.

I have not entered any username and password initially so I have no idea what I should enter for username and

password and for this reason windows 7 will not start and anything that I enter as username and password is wrong.

The small eee pc notebook does not have a cd rom. It has memory card and USB.

What are my options? What should I do? Do I have to take it to where I bought it and ask them to re-install windows or

there are more practical and easier ways out of this? Please respond


Thanks so much. Unfortunately F8 does not work however when I took off the battery and put it back again, the pc started in safe mode. should I go ahead in safe mode and follow the steps you mentioned?

deactivating username and password function

I would like to deactivate useraccount and password feature in windows 7 for my notebook, is this possible?

Welcome screen

Its for welcome screen I think.

I just made another administrator and took off passwords ( I think ). Maybe its time to come out of safe mode.

It worked

It worked.

Cheers and thanks a lot.

All the Best.

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