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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by qwvb1111, Sep 8, 2015.

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    Greetings everyone. Recently I want to buy a new keyboard, since I like the thinness of membrane keyboard, and I pretty much dislike the typing sound of keyboard, so I want to buy Apple keyboard with Numberic Keypad (MB110LL / B).

    Hmm... Because I like the style of this keyboard, it's thin, aluminium body, white in color, matches all the factors I want. But as I don't have a Mac, I am using a normal self-build Windows PC. So I have some questions about using Appe keyboard in Windows PC.

    1. Do you recommend using an Apple keyboard in Windows PC? Any conflicts with Windows PC?

    2. How to Print Screen using this keyboard? It's Fn+11 in Wireless version but I don't know how in this numeric keypad version...

    3. Windwos button = Command, Alt = Option is that correct? If so that means I will have to change the habit of pressing buttons when inputing things like Alt + Tab and Win + R(Run) in Windows PC?

    4. What is the function of the buttons next to F12? F13 - F16 I mean, above numeric keypad, I heard I need to install extra drivers to get it works, but actually I don;t think I need those buttons...

    I haven't used Apple product before, since Apple is a famous company I think the stuffs are trustworthy, I have tried to find other keyboards but even the packaging is not looking good in the computer shops in my country... Plus it contains all the factors I want. So that's why I want to buy an Apply keyboard.

    Do you guys recommend using it? Any important thing I need to notice? Or I better switch back to normal keyboards? Please post your suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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    to be honest I had to use Google to find you an answer as I've never personally tried an Apple keyboard on a PC. This gives you an idea that it's possible:
    Help answer this question about Apple Keyboard with numeric keypad - French
    You may find that some function keys won't work unless you install drivers off the Apple os disk. I would recommend that if don't have these disks or aren't completely familiar with the process I would avoid an Apple keyboard. You can get membrane keyboards for pc's too.

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