Using Windows 10 without Microsoft Account or Internet

Hi to everyone,

This is my first post and my knowledge of Windows is basic to say the least!

Looking to purchase a new desktop PC later today - with windows 10, however this will only be used for photo editing and spreadsheets, word processing and the like - won't require internet access at all.

Can someone tell me how to set up Windows 10 without a Microsoft Account (have been told probably wrongly - that this is a requirement)

Also does Windows 10 require an 'always on' internet connection or is an internet connection needed at all? (updates etc) as I thought that auto updating can't be opted out of.

Hoping someone can help - thanks in advance.

In Windows 10, a Microsoft Account is optional. You’re directed to sign-in this way when you first install Windows 10, but the local account option is available.
The link to skip out on the Microsoft account is tiny. You only have to skip this screen and create a local account.

As for internet, Windows 10 does not require an active Internet connection for everyday use. It works just fine offline.

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