utility to monitor/log service interruptions?


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my internet-provider sometime loses connection … need a utility to monitor/log when service interruption occurs.

need more info? keep reading.

i always shut-down when not using computer … also, shut off surge-protector (includes vendor's modem). when i turn on surge-protector … line-connx (fiber-optic (line, not wifi)) immediate connx (solid-green light) to internet … 3-4 hours later, while on the internet, it will lose connx (blink-green light). the connx will resume (solid-green light) a minute or two later.

the above behavior is all automatic … does not require intervention from myself or vendor-support. my plan is for 20mps (upload) … usually clock 27-30mps speed.

along came new directives at my building-complex … my internet-provider was installing fiber-optic cabling for all residents. i left note stating my fiber-optics was already in operation and was being used … the note also also told them i did not want line-connx changed (same vendor) to wifi-connx.

all was good … still utilizing line-connx at this time.

before the building-complex rehab, i used to sustain flawless connx … lasting for whole day. now … disconnx happens after several hours … failing once or twice a day (disconnx for only a minute or two, and then resuming). during connx, identical speed (27-30) is clocked.

of course, i am free to contact the provider … but, would be advantageous if i could tell them exactly when the disconnx occured … and for how long it was offline. so … i started jotting down the interruptions in notepad. however … i don't always notice the service-interrupt … so, this is not the ideal method of logging … need somethin' bit more concrete.

decided to look for freeware to monitor the connx … came upon netuptimemonitor.com … and virustotal.com gave the *.exe file (numsetup.exe) a clean bill of health … same with my a/v 'n mbam. notably, the software was available directly from the developer's website.

installation went fine … and then i came across two caveats.
the 'trial' freeware runs for only 30 minutes … gotta' pay up for permanent monitoring.​
opened up process-explorer (sysinternals) … suddenly, virus-total flags three of the *.dll support files [urlmon, mswsock, system.configuration.ni] as potential hazards.​
uninstalled the program … currently scanning for infections.

since the above disconnx-issue developed only after the complex had completed their rehab … i stipulate it's the provider's fault and not my hardware/software/av. only other possibile culprit might be one of windows updates.

not certain, but seems sysinternals has no utility to monitor/log service interruptions … any suggestions from you guys?



os: windows 10.0 (home ed) 64bit (oem 8.0)​
laptop: toshiba satellite P55-A5312​
updated: as of 07-26-2018 … w10scu (1803) 17134.191​
browser: ffx, chr​
cpu: intel core i5 4200U @ 1.60ghz​


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Just because something hits on Virus Total doesn't mean it's malicious. They do generate false positives often enough. If you're needing to monitor externally accessible hosts I would use uptimerobot. The monitoring is done from their site. 50 hosts checked in 5 minute intervals for free. Uptime Robot


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The modem/router should have service logs. For example this is mine.



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Add the site UptimeControl.net to the article, because only they have a 3-minute site availability check interval on the free plan.


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Include the website UptimeControl.net in the essay because only they offer a 3-minute site availability check interval on their free plan.