Validating 64-bit Win7 from Vista 32-bit OEM


I know that there's been many variants of questions on this issue, but I think I need to post as well, since this seems quite specific to my situation.

I bought a new laptop today - an ASUS PRO61SF (Duo T6500, 4GB RAM), which came with Vista Premium OEM (32-bit only). The computer came with an option to upgrade to Windows 7 through ASUS.

At the shop, I asked the guys if this would support a 64-bit version, and they said yes, and so they installed it on the system to replace Vista. They told me that the next step was to get the Win 7 upgrade from ASUS, and enter in the validation code when the CD arrives. Sounded easy enough.

However, I soon discovered that ASUS's distribution company will only supply a 32-bit Win7 upgrade, but won't send the 64-bit version (this is the information on their website - I've tried contacting them to argue my case, but no reply yet). Anyway, I now have 64-bit Windows installed with no validation code.

What are my options here? I want to keep the 64-bit to make full use of the system's memory. I'm assuming that the 32-bit upgrade version which ASUS supplies won't let me validate the current 64-bit version? If this is the case, should I buy a) buy the retail upgrade version of Win7 or b) buy the retail full version of Win7? Also, is it worth contacting Microsoft, in addition to ASUS to ask for a 64-bit update?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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(this is the information on their website
That's a ;line of crap. Microsoft ships both versions,. why can't they

No, the 64-bit version will time out without activation

Truthfully I'd ask for a supervisor at Asus and start actually works sometimes.

Thanks for the advice - I will be making a fuss with them. Though from what I've seen (inc. other posts on this forum) I'm not that hopeful, since many of them seem to ship just the 32-bit or the 64-bit versions, but not both.

But I still want to know what the technicalities are with win7, since I already have this installed on my system. If I buy the update Win7, will the activation key work for the current install?

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