My PC takes about 4 minutes to boot! I have tried everything possible including running xbootmgr -trace boot -prepSystem -verboseReadyBoot.
Win XP never gave me the headaches I have experienced with Win7. This OS is very unstable and very sensitive to hardware specs. I remember I could not install Win7 until I changed a SATA cable while XP installed on the same machine without worries.

It really pisses me off to have to wait so long for Win 7 to boot.

I have no malware and no infections whatsoever. I certainly never use Registry cleaners simply because one registry cleaner destroyed a previous OS on another machine and I had to reinstall the OS.

Microsoft cannot solve my problem. I know 7 people whose Win 7 takes more than 3 minutes to boot?



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Has it been that slow all the time since you installed Windows 7? The problem you mention with the SATA cable could be a clue... especially if you replaced the cable or the placement of it; they're known to be sensitive.

In my experience, Windows 7 is very stable. And with SSD, it boots in about 10 seconds.

It may be as simple as you have your SATA cable in +90 curve, or it's just broken? Anyway, it doesn't sound like a Windows problem. Unless you have a torrent - which I don't suggest.

Hope you get it running.

No this problem started slowly. As time went by the Boot times got longer! No one seems to be able to solve this problem for me. Somehow it seems that MS are more and more interested in the Facebook, youtube, social networking only OS and have given a back seat to STABLE and RELIABLE OSs.
If MS cannot solve this then I will be very surprised if anyone can.
I am sorry but I am so frustrated with this lack of support from MS that I am venting it here! :(

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