Video Player 2nd window floating feature.


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I have searched for two days and downloaded 15 windows video players in search for what I want.

The thing is that I remember this feature was available in 2005 during the Windows XP Era. I don't remember the name of the player that could do it. I found the backup software CD I had since that time and tried to install the video player programs on it as well. But most did not work even after I tried to use the compatible feature.

This feature works exactly the way Skype works today. The moment you click away from the main window a new smaller window appears playing the video that will be in the corner and always on top.

I have found floating video features for the browsers but not for an installed software.

There might be a third party software that offers to display any program in that same manner. Maybe there is a windows feature that I am aware of.

Please assist only if you are sure of the answer.

I am currently using Windows 8.1.


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VLC has an 'always on top' feature but it doesn't auto shrink. You'd have to do that manually.