Windows 8 Viewing "Track Changes" On Windows Phone 8 When Opening Word Doc


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Nov 20, 2012
I'm new to WP8 and really want to get firmly behind it. Not a tech guy - just an average power user of smart phones. As professional always on the go - one of the most critical tools we need is the ability to open Word files, see docs as they are supposed to look (like when you open them on a desk top), and see all "track changes" (i.e. see what provisions have been added or deleted from a document). My Android device - over 2 years old - has always done this (Word docs are formatted as you would normally see them and changes are all tracked - etc.). My Nokia 920 (with the new Office) doesn't do any of this. When opening a Word doc it shows the document in a squished "mobile" format and all "track changes" disappear. I find it very strange the a brand new MSFT operating system can't even handle a basic and critical MSFT doc function - when a 2 year old Android can. Apologies for not speaking in technical lingo here - but any help would be appreciated. This is something very needed for WP8 to get adopted on a wide scale. I have to return the phone if it can't do this and do not want to! :) Have a great holiday. Cheers!
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