Virus free re-installation of Windows7 (64Bit) -How do I FORCE my PC to boot off DVD?


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My Windows7 PC (64bit) has become infected with trojans/viruses and I need to do a full re-install from scratch. But when I try to boot off the CD/DVD drive it keeps (eventually) going to my hard disk and booting from there. How do I FORCE it to boot from the DVD? I have tried hitting F10 during boot to get the Intel "Boot Menu" but whichever option I select
(i.e. either the "ST3500320NS - 500.1GB" or
the "TSSTcorp CDDVDDW SH-S223C - ATAPI")
... either way it always still seems to boot off the hard disk !

Obviously this is no good because I might catch a virus from the current installation!

- Any thoughts?

With thanks


P.S. My system:
O/S: Windows7 64bit
MB: Intel DP55WB MA TX
Processor: Intel Core I5 750 2.66GHz
HD: Seagate 500Gb, RPM: 7200, Cache:32MB, SATA

P.S. I have tried my damnest to kill off all infections by doing extensive scans with anti-virus software (AVG, Kaspersky) and various anti-valware (e.g. Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware, MSE, Spybot Search& Destroy, etc) - I even tried using booting from rescue CDs (even though most of them failed to run) - anyhow I am HOPING that my data is virus free.


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P.S. I am now wondering if there might be a fault in either my Windows7 DVD or in my DVD player, because after I have booted onto the hard disk, if I then put the DVD into the drive it STILL cant read the damned thing! (OR could this be a virus attacking me?)


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The strange thing is that the same Windows7 DVD *IS* readable on my (Windows XP) laptop... so there appears to be nothing wrong with the original Windows7 DVD itself..., and likewise my Windows7 PC will read other DVDs (and CDs) no problem.

I've had a look at the system BIOS settings, which are as follows

Boot Drive Priority:
<Removable Devices>
<Hard Drive Drives>

Boot to optical drives: <Enable>

I shall now try to make a copy of my Windows7 CD using my WindowsXP laptop, and see if my Windows7 machine can read THAT.

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