Vista 32 bit to Win 7 (again)

Hi, i had posted earlier, turns out requesting 64 bit from the Hp is useless. Plus they charge you 20 pounds for shipping. Where as i just found students can buy the upgrade windows just for 30 pounds. I still however have a question. Just to clear it out so i dont end up blowing my cash. ( student = limited cash = sad :( )

Ok lets state the problem clearly. I have a Hp laptop. It came with 32 bit Vista Home premium OEM. There is a student offer by microsoft in which they are giving Windows 7 Professional Upgrade. They however either ship 32 bit or 64 bit. Dont why but it there on there store checkout.
I wanted to install Windows 7 64 bit (dont like 32, always used 64 bit, and yes my laptop is capable of running 64 bit). Could i use that Windows 7 professional Upgrade to do a Custom Install ?
I am just a bit vary because it says "upgrade". Does it have to be compulsary that i have a 64 bit Vista before i can use that disk ?


And i know in my last post i had asked microsoft about the OEM license, whether it is limited to 32 or 64 bit and wil i be able to upgrade from 32 bit OEM to a 64 bit license.
There reply was...
Did not understand problem. Please contact at this number


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If you are going from 32 bit to 64 bit, you have to do a Custom (clean) install. The reason is, you cannot run the x64 setup routine from within a 32 bit version. You can not do an in-place Upgrade unless you run the setup from within the previous OS.

Therefore, you will have to reinstall all you programs and backup you files.

Also you cannot do an in-place upgrade from Vista Home Premium to Win 7 Pro. So the process will basically be the same whether you go with 32 or 64 bit.

oh well
going to install Windows 7 pro 64 bit now

Wish me Luck


This post was from windows 7 professional

Yes guys you can install windows 7 pr 64 bit from a windows vista ho premium 32 bit using windows 7 upgrade disk.
Wasnt OEM upgrade though. i dont know if there is something like that ( i assumed it was something that the HP would send me)
I bought it online for 26 pounds from microsoft using uk student discount :) had to pay 21 pounds for the dumb hp upgrade disc ( shipping and handling) and i wud have got win 7 home premium 32 bit nyway.

So win win for me

Time to start posting in other section now

To start.. Drivers here i come

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