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I was just thinking how much potential Microsoft has by integrating with Vista and future OS releases. I think they can have something very "innovative" by doing this. They can do this as an option rather than a built-in feature to avoid any anti-trust suits. Anyway, here goes:

1) Integrate bookmarks on with IE's bookmarks and have them sync continuously. The current implementation, by the way, is very lackluster: no tagging, poor online interface, etc.

2) Integrate gadgets on Vista with gadgets on I want to be able to access my desktop gadgets on when I'm not at my desktop PC. And even if I have a notebook, there are still times when I can't get an internet connection and have to use a desktop pc. For example: I can get my RSS feeds (microsoft web feeds reader, anyone?) from my desktop but the same setting will be synced to my homepage.

3) Mail, calendars, contacts through Windows live mail and mail for desktop. I'm not sure if this is already done since I haven't gotten it to work. If it is, let me know please. The same can be done for messenger by having an online interface for when I'm not at my computer.

4) *****the biggest one here*****Live Office - the real thing:
Let me be able to sync my documents on the service and store my Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents both on my PC and on I'll be able to access my documents in 2 ways:
-Through my desktop Office application. I'll save the file locally and it will sync any changes up with like every 5 minutes.
-Through the Office Online interface. This can be like Google Docs/writely or Zoho office: an online web interface for documents, spreadsheets, presentations. It probably won't be as dynamic as Office 2007 but it provides convenience.

What do you think? All of these are very good candidates for "monetization" - especially the Office part.

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