Vista 'organisation' bar in Windows Vista's explorer?

Vista 'organisation' bar in Windows 7's explorer?

I've just got a Windows 7 64 bit laptop to go out and about with, but one of the main features that I miss off my main Vista desktop is this bar, which is very much like the one that you get in the 'details' view in Windows 7. The differences are that it misses off the grouping and stacking features. It's also an annoyance that as I'm a keen photographer and graphic designer, I can't see thumbnails of my files while I organise them, as I'm stuck to using the details view. I was just wondering if it's possible to modify or customise the Windows 7 explorer so that it displays it in all views, or would it be possible to put the vista Windows Explorer on Windows 7, so I get all the features?Many thanks.


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Re: Vista 'organisation' bar in Windows 7's explorer?

You should be seeing something like this:

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If you are not seeing something similar, try moving multimedia files into its own folder. If this is not possible, right-click the white space within Windows Explorer to change the way information is sorted. You can also hit the "Alt" key to make global changes to the way information is displayed in Explorer.

Re: Vista 'organisation' bar in Windows 7's explorer?

I think you may of misunderstood me. I am seeing it, but unfortunately it only shows in the details view; where all you can see is the details of a file. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to make it appear in a thumbnails view, as while i love the extended organisational features that bar gives you, I also like to have a little thumbnail preview of the files instead of just the details.
Many thanks for replying though, and happy new year.

Re: Vista 'organisation' bar in Windows 7's explorer?

If anyone is wondering about this, I've found two ways that it can be accomplished. (And in fact it's actual called the column header bar, not the organisation bar)
The first, and quickest, is if you download this from deviant art. Remember to right click the install batch file once extracted and run it as an Administrator though.
Or, alternatively, you could download an application called QTTabBar, and as the name suggests it does a lot more than just give you a column header bar. In fact this option is actually turned off by default. Once installed, right click the bar and click options to enable it.

Hope I helped anyone facing this dilema too. :)

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