Vista Windows Mail WORKS in W7 (both versions). Here's how

Hi all
If you are like me and HATE webmail based stuff you can still use the VISTA Windows Mail in both 64 and 32 bit versions.

(If you have OUTLOOK then you don't need to do this).

Also an advantage with this is that you can get your old VISTA email into W7 without any problems.

what you do is

1) Take ownership of your W7 program files or program files (x86) windows mail folder and delete contents.
2) copy the Windows mail folder from your VISTA machine to the same folder in W7.
3) create a shortcut link to winmail.exe in the folder.
4) set up / copy your email account settings.

enjoy. (Note in the x-86 version use program files (x86)

If you don't have the VISTA email program -- I can PM them to you -- not sure on attaching the files here as VISTA is a licensed microsoft program.

Enc screenshot of Windows Mail in W7.




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Way to go jimbo45,

That's one of the first thinks I tried to fix. I was able to bring up the Windows Mail splash screen, but that's about it.

I also had to create an association for thew .eml extension

Why? .... you can use Windows Live mail client if you want Mail - Windows Live

Microsoft replaced some built-in apps in vista with Live apps.

Agreed. There are quite a few hacks out on the subject. There may be some really good reasons for it, but I would see no purpose in going back to Windows Mail.

Hi there

1) I HATE Windows Live -- for others it might be OK but not for me.
2) I also HATE web mail type solutions unless I really have to use them - usually SLOW, full of advertisments, not vey easy to manage folders etc.
3) Managing multiple email accounts is also a pain with these types of accounts.

Windows mail like Outlook express is a SIMPLE to use email client which has NO probs when you need multiple accounts connecting to different email servers such as your ISP and your Work exchange server. Easy also when you want email and have several computers. Your address book and mail messages can be organised decently.

There are several solutions for email clients -- my suggestion was for using a facility you might have missed in the current OS -- it was only removed because of some stupid EU directive saying MS was being uncompetitive in including all this stuff with the OS. So they had to remove it (but not very efficiently).



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hey jimbo45,

I just gave Windows 7 email a try and your instructions working perfecrly!

Thanks man, appreciate it


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Why? .... you can use Windows Live mail client if you want Mail - Windows Live

Microsoft replaced some built-in apps in vista with Live apps.
"Windows Calendar, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker, and Windows Mail (replaced with respective Windows Live counterparts) "

I agree Ahmed. I would not see any purpose in trying to get Windows Mail to run in later OS's.
But keep an open mind. There may be good reasons why some would wish to do so.

" I also HATE web mail type solutions " I am not quite clear as to your reference here. Mine runs normally, and similarly, to WM. I have no adverts?? Windows Live can be run without any such options and then shows very little user difference from OE or WM.

"Managing multiple email accounts is also a pain with these types of accounts"

That would also be your option, but is not an essential in using WLM.

"Your address book and mail messages can be organised decently."

Well, sorry but so is mine??

" it was only removed because of some stupid EU directive saying MS was being uncompetitive "

That is grossly untrue! The new WLM has , as stated, become a complete package.
The initial 'Getting Started' screen of Win7 has a link to 'Windows Live Essentials' and suggests you download the apps
you need. One of those apps is Windows Live Mail, which is NOT webmail:
The beauty of including a link instead of the program is that you always get the latest version that way, instead of being
handed a stale app from the Vista DVD. Windows Mail has received no development work since about July 2006, so
it is pointless for the user to invest time and energy in an orphan program.


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Hea dave,

Before jimbos solution which is what I was accustomed to, I used Thunderbird.

It was actually very similar to Windows Mail.

Persomally, I don't use Windows Calendar, Windows Photo Gallery, or Windows Movie Maker,

Well, maybe if I remeber correctly you can chose whatever parts you want and uncheck the others.

I did see this however....... *Requires a Yahoo! Plus account here:

Mail - Windows Live

Hi there

I like my applications to be "Stand alone".

If you look at the attached image it says that it needs a yahoo plus account.


Windows mail from Vista is fine for me. Of course other people can choose but I don't want to have to have "accounts" or whatever to use this stuff.



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I am not clear why you should be getting such a message. Microsoft is far away from a Yahoo account!
I get nothing but an offer to download, which takes me directly to such!

Hi dave

That Ist screeen is fine -- BUT it's when you click the option Windows Mail and THEN click download is when you see the next screen with the that requirement on it.

I'm not the only one so it's not just me.



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Here is my next screen. Clicking download does that.

Hi there dave

Re-checked again

Still the same.

I've tried logging on to the Internet via 2 different servers and also via an RDP to home server in Iceland.

Still the same requirement -- could be possible because I don't have or haven't logged on to Windows Live.


That "Requires a Yahoo! Plus account" only applies to using Yahoo! accounts with Windows Live Mail. Can you use a Yahoo! account with Windows Mail?


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Hi jimbo. Sorry for the delay. I've been busy customising the RC.
I have put the WLM file up on my hoster. Maybe that will work??
WLM.rar - DivShare

Will try later today.

I think we've all been playing around with the RC.

I've actually been "testing to destruction" the XP compatability feature which within its limitations I think is a GREAT idea for small and even medium businesses. -- Much better than that stupid "Downgrade" option -- a Negative Sell if ever I saw one.

The XP mode seems really good from what I've been doing -- don't try games / Direct X 3D / video acceleration -- not intended for those apps.

Great however to see a nice piece of CAD software with the blue print plotter / printer working on W7 (this wouldn't even work on VISTA).


Windows 7 Mail Client

I copied the Windows Mail directory/files as suggested. This worked for Windows 7 32 bit but failed (.EXE would not launch) in Windows 7 64 bit. The recommendation to use Windows Live is excellent. Windows Live has a very good Email client (very similar to Windows Mail), plus the install automatically imports contacts and messages from Windows Mail. I am using Windows Live Mail Client on both my 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 7 installs

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