Windows Vista Vista won't load on P4 - 3.4GHz


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I was using Windows XP Media Center Edition on my desktop which was running a Pentium 3 GHz processon. Recently I upgraded the DVD writer to Blue Ray Drive to find out that I will have to upgrade the processor to min of 3.2GHz. So I upgraded the processor to 3.4 GHz with no problems on XP. Now I have been tryin to upgrade the OS to Vista Ultimate. But the OS is just not loading. It loads, but then does not boot up.

After trying several times, I tried hardware troubleshooting, whereby after downgrading the processor back to P4-3GHz, the Vista is loading and working perfectly, but is not working with P4-3.4GHz.

The hardware on the machine is as follows:
P4- 3.0 or 3.4 GHz
2 GB TwinMos DDR RAM
200 GB Western Digital Hard Drive
Wireless N PCI card

:confused: I am really confused with this one. If someone can help, I will greatly appreciate. How is it that XP is loading with the new processor but Vista is not?? It is really strange....


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You say that Vista loads but does not boot up. What do you mean exatly??
Is Vista installing but once installed not booting?? or is Vista not installing.
Is the OS 32 or 64bit?? It seems strange that a faster processor won't work.



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While installing Vista the system goes through following steps. So after installing updates, the system is not restarting. On some other forums of Elonex Artisan Link Removed - Invalid URL I found out that this problem exists for certain processors. It is very strange, but others have had similar experience.

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