Windows 7 Visual C++ to support C++/CLI Intellisense


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Recently Mohsen & Craig talked about a Renaissance within C++ development and Tony talked rebuilding our developer communication around C++, both of these videos touched on the subject of providing a more real world pragmatic discussion around why we do things and what we’re planning. This post is the first in a series of posts we’re planning on making over the coming months where we’re asking for your thoughts about what you need in a C++ development tool and about our proposals for the next version of Visual C++. To set the stage for those discussions we’ll be providing some insight into how and why we made some particular decisions regarding product features. In the case of something new we’ll share how we saw the problem space and how we’re thinking of addressing it.

Great news for C++/CLI developers! You asked. You get. VC++ Next will have Intellisense for C++/CLI. Read all about it here. This is just the beginning of what will amount to great things for native developers as you fly first with Microsoft VC++.

Native coders, please keep speaking up, speaking out. The VC++ team are listening. For those of you who don't really use our tools (maybe you just use cl), your feedback is also encouraged. What do you want to know? Who are you? Where are you?




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