Windows 7 Talkin' C++ with Boris Jabes: C++ Intellisense, Game Development, and Boris Faces His Demons

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    Boris Jabes is fun guy to talk to about C++. He has the distinction of being the first guy to share the news about the removal of C++/CLI intellisense support in VC10. He also has a great perspective on why the decision was made and understands the complexity of intellisense projects and complex C++ projects in general. I wanted to talk to him about all this because I remember the customer outcry and the amount of respectful abuse poor Boris took (all in good stride, of course) from incensed programmers. Boris is a trooper and a strong advocate for the native development community using Visual C++.

    After our discussion of intellisense in VC++, we move on to exploring game development in C++ and potential directions VC may take to make it easier to build high-performing, graphically rich games. Boris is a long-time Niner and the last time I interviewed him was in the Visual Studio 2005 timeframe—he wanted to talk about C++/CLI, IDE tips and tricks, etc., and I kept asking questions about the C++ language (last comment on the post: "Charles seems so disinterested" LOL. Not true! Just wasn't thrilled about IDE stuff back then, that's all! [​IMG] ).

    Welcome back to C9, Boris! It's always a treat to converse with you. Keep up the fantastic work—there's lots of dark matter out there that needs more light!

    This is one of the typically open-minded-with-candor conversations with the C++ team that have become the norm here on C9 lately. True C9 Old School. Much thanks to the VC++ team for being so open and helpful, and for truly listening to what the VC++ community wants and needs.


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