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I know w2008 is a server OS buit it shares (or is it the other way around) the same code base as W7) so anybody testing that out there.

I used to use W2003 server as a worksttation OS -- you had to fiddle around with it a bit to avoid the typical shutdown hassles, messages and prompts you get when shutting down a server and you had to do a few tricks and backporting to get multimedia and games to work but it was a great OS.

Anybody messing around with W2008 to get it to work as a decent workstation OS with games, sound, other multimedia etc. Probably backporting Windows Media Center from a W7 build might work as well. Also does Aero work in W2008 server.



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I also wondered that myself as I download Windows 2008 server because I'm a student and you can download full, free retail versions of Microsoft programs:

Check out this site

I also have a copy of Server 2008 RC beta and was wording if that has changed and looks like Windows 7.

I ran Windows 2008 Server as a workstation for nearly a year (2008 was Vista, 2008 R2 is 7).

There are some issues you will have to deal with. 1) it does not include some of the desktop components like Gadgets, or Media Center. 2) some software requires you to use a server version, such as Anti-virus and defrag tools. These are usually more expensive than desktop versions. 3) You will have to fiddle with settings to re-tune it for desktop use.

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I managed to get this stuff to work with Windows 2003 server but I'm having a problem getting Windows Media Center to work on Windows 2008 server, however I've got some other TV programs to work.


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