Windows 7 W7 Build 7000 X-64 Weird Networking Problem


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Jan 20, 2009
OK guys -- as I've posted else where I'm happy with X-32. Now I'm seriously testing the 64 bit version.

For 64 bit only build 7000 seems available at the moment even from "the usual places" where treasure can be found.:razz::razz:

Strange networking problem - even with all firewalls off. Computers are in the same workgroup.

VISTA Ultimate 64 bit (BLACKDOG) can connect to W7 64 Bit (REDFOX) and open all the drives etc etc.

W7 64 Bit (REDFOX) can see BLACKDOG but if I click the icon I get an error message windows cannot access \\blackdog

If I actually try to connect (right mouse click on Network in windows explorer) and choose connect network drive and I type in the name of a share say either \\blackdog\F or \\\F where F is name of the share then I get prompted for the password and the share will connect --and I've got access to all the folders on the drive. (The is the local IP address of the Vista computer (blackdog)

Now if I go back into Network and double click on the blackdog icon I see all the shared drives and can access all the directories.

Any ideas anyone.

I've also turned off Wireless and switched off my "Squeezebox audio streaming" system -- the receiver and controller also connect to the wireless network and this sometimes causes problems as you can get IP addresses hosed up -- you can't see these devices via Windows Network maps. AS these devices are switched off "Rogue IP adresses aren't a cause of the problem.

Computers can also ping each other.

Some of this Networking stuff is driving me round the twist -- one day it works and then for no explicable reasoning seems to get broken (or in this case partially broken) again.

Any ideas anyone.

I'm not using HOMEGROUPS -- this just adds to the complexity and I think that only works between W7 machines.

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