Windows 7 W7 Can't Stop CPU Throttling


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May 6, 2009
Not sure which forums to start posting this at so I will start here and move my way around. So here goes: I seem to be unable to stop Windows 7 RC1 7100 from auto Throttling my CPU. CPUID reports that the multiplier is fluctuation anywhere from x21 down to 8x dropping my corespeed from 3519 down to 1300mhz. vCore remains stable at 1.304v.

I know this is purely a Windows 7//Vista problem as when I boot back over to Win XP x32 SP3 I get no fluctuations what so ever. I have tried going into the "Power Management" options in Control Panel and chossing the high performance profile and even making my own custom profile and manually setting the CPU to 100%. Temps are all nominal(~36-39C idle).

EIST, C1E, C-State, Overspeed Protection and TurboMode are all disabled in bios. And other 'power managment' in the Advanced BiOS(ACPI is Enabled but i dont think that is a problem) features and all Power Management Features are turned off.

Mobo is a MSI x58 Platinum SLI

I've did some googling and came across somethign that mentioned this registry directory:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Session Manager]

Two entries caught my eye: ProcessorContrl and ProtectionMode

I was tempted to tinker with some settings but I figure I'd come here before i shoot myself in the foot. Any help would be appreciated as this auto throttling is quite annoying.
I didn't get half of what you said but the other half sounds like a firewall problem using up all your resources. not enough memory small hard drive ect ect.
I like throttling in general, but how it works in the RC is weird. With the Beta my i7 switched between the default "throttled" speed (x12) and the actual multiplier that's set. When not gaming "throttled" was basically always on and that worked fine. Now it's all over the place, occasionally dropping as low as single digits (have even seen x1 once...) but mostly staying higher than it needs to be when I'm just browsing the web and other low-usage tasks. I'm not noticing any difference, temperature is slightly higher but I'm more curious if it is intended to work quite like that.

Drivers are all default which seem to be the most up to date for my Asus P6T Deluxe (X58 based) anyhow.
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