Want computer display to have a E-Book display

I been searching and trying hard the past couple of hours and two days to get my computer to look exactly like or closely resemble the display of my favorite E-Book reader( Nook Simple Touch). It's simply a grey/ black & white screen that looks outdated and makes reading very easy for me. Any help or downloads that will make my computer display the same will be highly unimaginably appreciated! Thank you

I would really love to have such PC. Motorola had this technology on mobile phone. I dont remember the model no but it really looked classic.

Hmm. For the actual PC, there's plenty of "simple," high-contrast styled / black and white themes available. For the browser, I have the "plain clothes" extension that basically blacks and whites all web pages that I will use occasionally. For actual reading you should be able to find some type of nook/kindle app?

Moral of the story is 1, I'm not certain I completely understand what you're asking but if I do (my responses won't sound ridiculous) then I think you're going to have to be creative and try and piece it together using my above suggestions as a starting point or examples. Good luck

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