Want to add some photos to Wallpapers.


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:cool:When changing visuals and sounds on the desktop I would like to add to my "Canada" folder some high def images I have. My problem is where to navigate on the hard drive to drop some photos in so they are added to that list. Hope someone understands what I am talking about!


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I still don't understand this. For example. The file location says :C/Users/ken then a bunch of stuff. THERE IS NO ken IN USERS, just PUBLIC. I can't find my name anywhere on the file lists. So I don't know how to navigate TO the folder to add stuff.

C/Users/ should have the folder name of your windows account, exactly as you see it in your start menu under your user picture. (Folder options -> Show hidden files and folders. Users account folders are not hidden by default.)


As for libraries:

Windows 7 has the Personal and Public folders included in the Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos library locations.

Public User folders are folders shared by all users. These folders are located at C:\Users\Public. The contents of public folders will be available to all users.

Personal User folders are the folders for a single user. These folders are located at C:\Users\User name. Personal folders will be open to a certain user only (if his account is password protected).

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