Watch out for a silent update with windows 10

Ralph Bromley

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Just a heads up, when i got done with my last windows 10 session my system hung during restart.
I personally had a bug like this before so I just restarted manually as windows gave me no prompt that the system was updating.
But it was and when resuming windows I got the updating prompt and windows restarted at least three times before I could get back into it.
So keep an eye out, it could mislead folks inbto thinking they messed up their systems.
Right now I am chasing down which update it was that caused my issue but there is another update coming in.

Edit: it was probably update (KB3097617) (KB3099406) or (KB890830)

Its hard to tell as all three came onto my system at the same time


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Thanks for the heads up Ralph... I leave my WX updates turned off for just this type of crap.

I wonder how Microsoft goes when offering their software to hospitals for medical machines "sure it may turn itself off at any time without notice but you get cortana?"