We Will Be Killed By the State !

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    From a high school girl living in Minami-Soma City of Fukushima

    The most disastrous earthquake on record hit northern Japan

    Harsh natural threats have suddenly stripped off our daily life


    It was not the end of disaster

    Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

    It became uncontrollable due to the hit of the earthquake and tsunami

    The worst accident of nuclear power plant in human history is going on

    Please help us!
    I am a high school girl
    Living in Minami-Soma City of Fukushima

    The tsunami killed my fellow students a lot
    Some of my friends lost their parents
    My dearest friend cannot evacuate her area
    Because her family have no gas to run away

    I cannot do anything
    But just to encourage her
    Sending e-mail or talking over the phone

    My friend has been fighting her rising panic
    Because of an incredible sensation of fear for radiation

    But now she is deeply depressed
    She seems to have given up everything in despair

    She is only sixteen years old
    And she is now prepared to die
    She feels the death approaching her stealthily

    Even if she could survive
    She has to live on
    With a fear of radiation

    The state, politicians,
    Mass-medias, so-called experts--
    All of them are our enemies
    They are lying about everything

    About the nuclear plant disaster
    TVs are now broadcasting too little
    They are repeatedly showing tsunami scenes
    Their interviews are too insensitive
    They express insincere and empty condolences
    An abhorrent politician insulted us
    He dared to describe the catastrophe with outrageous words
    "I really do think this is Divine Punishment"

    Politicians, you should offer your salaries
    Spend all your savings on the affected people

    Stop lavish extravagance
    And let the affected people live!

    You are just bossing around
    Looking from a remote vantage point
    Come down to the affected areas
    And try hard to save the people

    We feel like...we are absolute outcasts
    Fukushima will be segregated in settlements

    We are absolutely abandoned
    We will be killed by the state!

    We--the people in the affected areas
    Never forgive the state for abandoning us
    Forever and ever...and keep condemning it!

    The people who read this
    Please listen to me
    I want you to know how hard it is

    You never know when to lose your loved ones
    Please imagine your dearest one
    Smiling beside you
    And suddenly passes away

    Please care about your loved ones
    And love them more than ever
    Schools where you spent your vernal years
    Have now turned to morgues
    Dead people are lying down cold and still
    In gym where you enjoyed a lot of sports

    How can I let the people know the truth?
    As many people as I can...
    But I will be grateful
    If someone would read this
    After much thinking
    I took this opportunity to write my feelings
    I am sorry
    And thank you.
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