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What causes Scripting? Why does it take forever for a Website page to finish downloading so that you can scroll down the page? One thing I did was replace my HDD 500G with a SSD 240G. Could this be a contributor to this problem? The SSD is great for fast boot up.


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Nah, the disk, HDD or SSD has nothing to do with that. It is an internet problem. Maybe you have to run thru too many hops. Run a tracert command then you see thru how many hops you are running and how much time each hop takes. If it times out, then it's really long. Example:



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The most common problem could be problems your Provider has. With more and more connections, stuff runs out of capacity. It's quite understandable with wires, where you can't pull more stuff than wires admit, like max of a water hose. It's less understood in wireless, where this guy "who was it" introduced the law that only a certain amount of data can be attainable at a certain time in a certain space - you can not have everyone wireless in a limited place, it will get stuck. Air will be filled, period.


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I think you are spot on. Might I add to it, it could depend on where you are located like the New York City area, as compared with "Podunk" USA. Thanks Pauli

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