Weird mouse problem


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Same here, wireless mice turned out to be useless...


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I have used Logitech wireless KB & Trackball for a few years without any issues. My guess buy cheap get what you paid for. Not to say OP was cheap may have just been beyond useful life.

Is there no other solution other than buying another one?


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If you buy a new one, try a different brand (it may be some interference with other wireless equipment you own)


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I use a combo keyboard and mouse. Just a cheap Logitech one that I paid 40 dollars for three years ago. Have had no problems with it.

I just received my new hp laptop today. have to get use to windows 10...but what I am having trouble is with my wireless mouse. it lags hesitates..really driving me crazy. this is the same mouse I used with my last hp laptop with windows 8 & never had any issues. this is brand new so I cant see having to up grade the drivers. any suggestions?

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Just some of my experiences with wireless mice here.
  • Logitech wireless mice that use the 2.4 GHz to connect; you have to make sure you have the latest LOGITECH drivers to ensure it connection and consistent performance.
  • ANY Bluetooth connected mouse; make sure your Bluetooth drivers are up to date. Windows 10 has had some issues with Bluetooth connections.
  • Interference; maybe something is causing problems with your wireless connection. I had refurbished Bluetooth keyboard that I think was causing problems with a new Bluetooth wireless mouse because when I switched it out with another wireless keyboard no problems with the mouse.

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