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Windows 7 Weird notice showing


New Member
Jun 9, 2013
On my laptop, I run a program (can't think of the name) that warns me of all attempted changes to anything.

I'm getting the following notice, which I deny, as I think it is asking to delete a vital Windows command.

cmd.exe / o/D /c del c:/users/me/appdaata/local/temp/O.del

in my temp directory there I have no 0.del file.

before this began, I downloaded three image editing programs from a trusted source recommended by a Windows magazine article (the site name I don't remember).

i ran one, then a second, and unchecked all the bloatware it offered. One installed a Delta toolbar that I removed, plus another thing I can't remember.

after that, I got pop up notices every five minutes, warning me that these two programs were trying to do something (I blocked it each time). I also got the warning about the cmd.exe issue.

I uninstalled Delta and the other(Sweet something?) but shut down. Tomorrow I will boot up and see if all went away. .

How do I get rid of the cmd.exe del issue? What is prompting the notice? Will a system scan with AVG and other scanners find it?
thank you
Your memory sounds a bit like mine (I'm a mathematician and that's my excuse!).

Have you tried a simple system restore to revert to sometime before you first experienced the problem (assuming yo can remember when it was. lol!)
No, I figured I'd get rid of all cooties first. No notice upon boot or after but every 2 min WinPatrol pops up 4 times to warn me of SweetPacks and Delta trying to add IE Helpers. I rarely use IE but am running MalwareBytes and HitMan Pro and found 233 files by Delta, FunMoods, Babylon and Claro.

I'll stick with Gimp to edit