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Hmm...................the usual strategy to keep us interested. I suspect that build 5057 is as near to the RC1 as possible.!!
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Definately, thats why it was 'apparently' put online by mistake....

7057 does seem pretty complete although I did hear of a 7061 release although that may have been 'fud'. I'm sure something will be leaked before too long....Information wise I mean.
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According to a new blog from Russian website Wzor, Microsoft’s Windows 7 team has reached a new development milestone and the latest Windows 7 build has jumped to 7105.

The new build was compiled on April 4th with the string 6.1.7105.0.winmain.090404-1235. Overall, the change log lists improved networking support, added support for some previously incompatible programs, added support for new drivers for various devices, extended support for sensory based displays, extras in the LP, small interface improvements, and small optimizations and changes in the kernel.

As it stands, Microsoft plans to release the Windows 7 RC-Escrow build sometime this month, so it is possible that there may be a leak within this week. On the other hand, the official public Release Candidate build is scheduled for May next month, while the Release to Manufacturing is scheduled for September in five months.

Just recently, Microsoft told its partners that Windows 7 RTM was delayed to September because developers and partners are currently unsatisfied with the builds. No specific reasons were mentioned other than the fact that there were still a few bugs. Nevertheless, if Microsoft’s schedule does not change, Windows 7 should officially be released in November and we hope no later than January 2010.

Taken from fudzilla:
Fudzilla - Windows 7 reaches build 7105 milestone
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I would say 7068 is truly a Vista-killer. Supremely faster in every way possible...
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I totally agree....
Since running this build I've yet to have a problem. In fact my only critisism so far is that the start menu can get a little sticky when moving folders around...

I don't think I'm even going to bother with 7105..
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I tried to get my 67yr old mother to revert back to XP as her laptop would run loads better with XP than with vista... I should mention that the laptop did already have xp installed when she bought it (it's an inspiron).

Needless to say that my suggestion was not taken and she likened xp as 'going back to the stone-age'.....LOL
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Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) is going to be released to Technet and MSDN subscribers shortly, and will be available to the public on May 5. The MS page where this confirmation occurred is here, however it has changed to remove references to the RC. A snapshot of the page as it originally was, with relevant RC information, can be found here.