What DOESN"T Work in Windows 8

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Software' started by Expert, Sep 23, 2012.

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    Jul 25, 2012
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    Full Format is garbage

    When Full formatting a 16GB thumbdrive using FAT32 with default allocation size, the format takes 33 minutes and 24 seconds (Same as Windows 7)

    Windows XP-SP2 or SP3 takes 22 seconds to Full Format the same drive the exact same way

    What did YOU find broken or slower in Windows 8?
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    Oct 29, 2012
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    Quickbooks, MagicISO, Explorer randomly closes, when you click Windows Explorer it opens your "already open" Windows explorer not a new one.
    the whole thing is broke. The only change is this gay metro crap that i cant get rid of.
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    Sep 20, 2011
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    If you both had done a good clean install instead of the upgrade you most likely would not be having problems. So far I have installed Win 8 Pro on 2 laptops (3 to 4 years old each) by formatting the partition during the install process, then installing Win 8 Pro. Both work exactly as they are supposed to. Everything works correctly, done!

    The Upgrade install leaves too much to chance, and how good the original OS is.
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    Jul 25, 2012
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    I always do a clean install

    That's why I can say for sure that portable copies of the following software does NOT work with Windows 8
    Adobe Illustrator CS3
    Adobe Photoshop CS5
    Adobe Audition CS3
    Handbrake Portable
    Quicktime Portable
    Massive Portable
    Soundforge Portable

    and many NON-Portable apps as well including some games I like that work fine in XP

    SOME portable apps made with thinstall "DO" work with Windows 8 such as older versions of adobe products that I would never use if I had a choice

    30-day trials were used for these tests and thinstall has been sold to VMWare recently

    Other tests may resume with a 30-day trial of VMWare's version of thinstall (I think its thinApp if I recall) but unless you do the research, you cannot simply say these app's will suddenly magically work with Windows 8 using a clean install

    Why portable app's?

    Because they eliminate registry conflicts and .DLL errors that are created using full installs of certain products

    I have not had a single Blue Screen of death on my XP computer for over 5 years by using only portable applications and install only those applications that cannot be made portable but which I absolutely need with my computer

    Now go do some research before you start making such remarks

    Windows 8 also doesn't work with certain installed copies of daemon-CD, Nero Burning Rom, Ramdisk, DriveCrrpt and games that work fine in XP such as Jetfighter 4

    I will not be spending several thousand dollars to update all my software just to use it on a Government Sponsored Spyware Platform if it already works fine on an XP machine

    I do not PAY to downgrade my computing experience such as losing the ability to record "What you hear" and then adding a ton of DRM crap and spyware on top of it

    This area is for listing what Window 8 DOES NOT DO, and to do so, research is required !

    Now go do some research

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