What eats up so much memory in Win 7 after a few hours of use ?

I don't know what causes that. Recently switched to Win7 from XP & I can't understand why my PC starts lagging so bad after a few hours of use & forces me to reboot. I got 2 gb of RAM (which is enough). I do the usual stuff.. browse web, watch movies & play games mostly. But after a few hours of use the memory usage goes above 1.5-1.7 gb & touches 2 gb. Even if i close all the programs I was working on. Why I didn't experience this on XP ?


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You might try opening the Resource Monitor and select the memory tab and see what is using the memory. It would seem if you could check it before and after the memory has changed, you might be able to see what is using it.

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I don't know how often you reboot but antivirus and other security programs run the memory up while they are scanning and it stays up after the scan.

Okay, I'll do that. thanks

Do you have Microsoft Office, iTunes or a lot if programs installed? I know Programs like iTunes and especially Microsoft office take up a lot of disk space also if you have a lot of programs installed that can make it slow as well try uninstalling any programs you don't use and see if that helps.

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