Windows 11 What happened, my computer did something unexpected?


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May 25, 2009
Ada Michigan

I booted my computer yesterday and I got a drive selection menu. This has never happened before. The only selection was Windows 11.

I selected it and got a message that said running memory check, and then in about 3 seconds it booted to Windows 11, and that was it.
However, it took less time to boot than it would have normally.

Ever since this happened, my computer has been running better, everything is faster.

I've never encountered this before, did the computer detect some memory error that I've had for a while and correct it?
Very strange.

You mean something like this?


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Hi Nemo

Yes, exactly like that, but the message underneath said something about checking the memory.
Then it booted to the desktop only a few seconds later. Everything has been running fine since, but I wondered what was going on.

There is a memory diag tool available in the boot manager. Something may have triggered it to run.
No, it's an almost new computer, my new Falcon NW Talon.
I9 processor, GeForce 3080 video, and 64 Gigs of ram.

It's very fast, but I'm always suspicious when something new happens.
The great thing is that I can make or restore a system image in less than 10 minutes.

So, I'm about to make a new image, but I don't want to do it with some error built into it.
Even new mobo's can have failing bios battery.. If in doubt replace.
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