What Happened to Blogs?!


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It has been decided that it is best that we transfer our blog system into the forums themselves. This will allow members to view, and in some cases manage, threads they have already created, create new ones, and allow for better visibility of your messages. A conclusion was made that the blog system put in place for our new system did not meet our standards:
  • It did not properly integrate into our search engine.
  • It lacked the ability for us to make sure all media tags were formatted properly.
  • This third party system was not easy to manage, or to use as a "real blog".
  • For instance, we may have well just installed WordPress and it would have been a better system.
  • We found numerous bugs with this third party system.
  • We prefer to mitigate the use of extensive third party programming and focus on quality content.
I hope that this explains it to you. You can still access your blog entries at this forum location. While it may not have the personal feel of a system such as WordPress, for example, we believe that this is currently the best route to follow. All of the features of the forum will be at your disposal, and you will find that posts that were in our old system are now far easier to read.

Thanks for your support!