What happened to the old right click explore feature?

With vista, I right clicked the windows icon at the lower left and was able to explore all of my files. Now all I see is properties and open window explorer. How do I add "explore my files"?



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Hit Start, All Programs, Accessories
Right click on Windows Explorer and choose Pin to start
I then right click on it in Start and choose properties and customize the target to %windir%\explorer.exe /e,C:\

No luck - I was not able to customize the target to %windir% ....


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Don't understand that, any user should be able to change a Target value on a shortcut
Also remove the Start in just leave empty. I also set maximized in the Run


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Quickly found this registry tweak which may automatically add the item to the menu:
View attachment 'Explore from Here' command in context menu for directories.zip

Sorry it's in a zip file, can't directly upload reg extensions.

Hope this helps.. Keep us posted :)

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That only gives Explore on folders Mitchell_A

I whipped up this Background thing. By default its C drive but you can change after you add it by going to that key. add the reg and then you can right click on any whitespace or anywhere on desktop and you have a Windows Explorer - very bottom in pic

View attachment Explorer background.zip

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